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These Soy based blend natural candles are amazing.


 Pack of 1 candle with character coconut shell ice cream Cereal Bowl (Material: Soy Wax 80%±5%, Vegetable and Beeswax 20%±5%) with a real organic coconut shell bowl.  Perfect size for cakes (Gift Box):5.9 in. X 5.9 in. X 3.5 in. The exclusive design, handmade,each part is three-dimensional and exquisite. This handmade ice cream  cereal bowl candle smells exactly like the real thing. A perfect gift for all cereal and ice cream killers!  Make this 100% ice cream cereal-looking candle a part of your morning or snack time to bring joy outine and wake up feeling fruity and cheerful every morning.  This scent is amazing and will make you want a fun bowl of cereal! It's the perfect gift!  Great Adorable for topping your April fools' day , events, festival celebrations, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, proposal, weddings, anniversary, and more! 

Coconut Shell soy waxed scented candle

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